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Yes, my mother will possibly be the only one who will care about my 'departure'.  I love her because she is my mother, but I don't like her,  She is not only attention seeking all the time but also so self-centered that every subject people bring up will finally have to about her.  Say, if you tell her you feel unwell and may have flu, she will tell you she is not feeling well too, and then starts to tell you every possible sickness she is feeling and doesn't care you are actually the one who is sick. She is still healthy in general but she can make every small discomfort into a big issue and presses you to take her to hospital.  If you don't do that, she thinks you are bad.    If she thinks your have relationship problems, she will come to you and says she wants to help but then she will start complaining how my late father treated her badly.

She is not a warm person herself and rarely takes interest in my life.  She wants me to remember her birthday, plan a party and buy her presents, but she hardly remembers mine or even she remembers/knows, she acts as if that was just another day without even acknowledging it.  To be honest, I do think she is a selfish person (so was my father).   I admit I treat other people better than her.  I simply don't know how to 'reciprocate' as I have never had a role model to learn from.

I am really sick of her attention seeking behaviour.  Frankly,  I can barely take care of myself.  Please don't expect I will volunteer to take care of her. 

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